Ableism COVID Style — Accessible Vaccine Sites

I sent this message to a contact within Santa Clara County OEM.

I believe this pop up clinic was facilitated by a SJ council person so it may not be under county. This one was at Foxdale Apartments. I’m attaching a photo from a post I saw. The ongoing assumption that all people are able bodied is really killing disabled people. I would say a disabled person in East San Jose has it much harder than I do, so vaccine access is very important.

My contact replied including a couple of people within the city.

Yes. You are correct, Michele — this Clinic was facilitated through City of San Jose, and I believe that ADA parameters/guidelines would be followed as in all areas where equal access applies.

The reply…

Thank you D* and J* for the connection.

My reply…

So this message is going out on a day when I discovered I may [not] have effective transportation to my 2nd vaccine appointment. My patience is in short supply. But to summarize, this is absolutely ableist. People on the East Side include people with disabilities and children with disabilities who are likely from Vietnamese, Latine, Indigenous, and Black families who experience more struggle then other families from the same groups who do not have a disability. But you are saying the site is not open to them and they need to go elsewhere? How is that equity?



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Michele Mashburn

Michele Mashburn

Disability Advocate, Educator, & Activist * Green Party of Santa Clara County Council 2020 * Director, San Jose Peace and Justice Center * Cat Lover