Michele Mashburn
2 min readJul 11, 2022


Capitalism and its toxic structures harm EVERYONE! Division serves only the ownership class. Who do you serve when pointing at someone else’s mistakes and flaws?

Please stop the division and agree to disagree on elements of strategy and seek discourse on elements of opinion.

When we disagree with strategy and/or opinion, it is often filled with nuances that we miss in the time we have available. If you find yourself disagreeing, please pause and reflect on the traumas present and the power balance (or lack thereof) of the parties involved.

We are all hurting.

The harder the situations, the harder it is to survive. Those who experience higher levels of oppression are hurting at higher levels (Black, Indigenous, Latine, and other people of color; disabled people; lower income families; immigrants; and so on).We all make difficult decisions and react to things instead of acting thoughtfully and with intention.

Sometimes the only way a person can respond is to react with anger when there is more toxic crap poured on them. There are so many unmet needs and this complicates the interactions we have.

Sometimes the fight or flight instincts are activated and the needs and fear of unmet needs is so high. Division happens when connection and understanding is needed.

With all this said, we need to do better. What does it mean to be in community with others?

Possible resources:

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Training programs, educational opportunities, and other tools
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Please feel free to comment with more resources for people who stop and read this. Thank you!



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