Open letter to event and party planners holding events without mask requirements

  • Include outdoor & virtual options for safety and access.
  • Speak openly and publicly about what steps you’re taking to make your events safer and more accessible.
  • Use your social media platforms to share about this call in and your own action steps.
  • Be critical and responsible when looking at the current data surrounding covid cases and safety recommendations. Make decisions based on what is actually true vs. what you wish to be true.
  • Hire disabled people to help you do this access and safety planning work if you feel unequipped to do it!
  • Please read through the provided resource links below.
  • Discuss how you might implement changes, both with your collaborators and community members.
  • Call in and boycott events that aren’t sharing access info or meeting basic safety and accessibility guidelines
  • Participate in any community discussions that are held around these topics
  • Use your social media platform to share why having covid safe and accessible parties is important to you
A sign with a blue patterned background and a graphic of 4 scenes of 2 shadow heads talking one with COVID and one without. First scene has no masks = very high risk. Next is a person with COVID without a mask talking with a person with a mask on = high risk. Next is with the mask on the person with COVID = Medium risk. Bottom one is both people with masks on = low risk. Text is in the title line.
Face masks are required inside this space to keep others safe. As long as there is community spread of COVID-19, the risk of infection cannot be completely eliminated. Small children and those unable to wear a face covering for health reasons may enter without one. Thank you for helping us take care of our community!



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Michele Mashburn

Michele Mashburn


Disability Advocate, Educator, & Activist * Green Party of Santa Clara County Council 2020 * Director, San Jose Peace and Justice Center * Cat Lover