TIRED, a poem

Michele Mashburn
1 min readApr 2, 2021


I am exhausted…
Mentally, physically, spiritually…

The energy drain is the system
Impossibly intertwined in hidden history
Redefined unconsciously, unknowingly reinforced
Erroneous assumptions
Dependent on a preoccupation with individualism

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps”
“Survival of the fittest”
“Only the strong deserve to survive and thrive”
“You can discover the American dream”

… but only if you try harder
… do better
… push through the pain and strife
… deplete your power
… until you no longer care

We live in a capitalistic nightmare
Founded on colonialism, imperialism, and genocide
Arrogance of powers perceived because of the size of ones bank account and assets amassed

Yet too many live at an intersection
… of doubt
… of fear for security
… of demand for more
…… more proof of a worth never to be found
…… more burdens to ensure those with have the power over those without

How do we survive in this society built against us?
How do we fight the racism, ableism, sexism, classism, and more?
So much more that leaves too many depleted and abused

We need connection
Interdependence is key
Mutual aid and community control
We need to build together and not apart
Healthy boundaries are a start
Healing spaces to allow freedoms never experienced before

This requires all voices are heard and sought after
Whenever one group is not invited and their stories amplified, the missions are thwarted.
Affinity spaces amplify allied partners
Human needs are held and supported

We learn
We relearn
We grow

© Michele Mashburn 3/2021



Michele Mashburn

Disability Advocate, Educator, & Activist * Cat Lover * Opinions are mine