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Michele Mashburn
2 min readOct 18, 2022

Letter to City of San Jose Planning Department on the Icon/Echo development that is going through review.

I have been waiting since April for Urban Catalyst to reply to requested feedback that I provided. You can find the details I provided on my Medium blog: https://michelemashburn.medium.com/letter-to-urban-catalyst-san-jose-b37d902cecf7. There will not be enough space here to put the blog post.

I have HUGE concerns about this development and the City’s tendencies to handle developer wants at the expense of resident needs. So, my requests from the City include:

1) Do not allow construction noise before 8 am and after 8 pm, including deliveries and other loud noises.

2) Develop a plan for residents who rely on downtown parking on meters to have parking spaces available at affordable rates during the construction time. There are workers in this building who need affordable parking and $100, or even $50 per month is too much.

3) A comprehensive plan for evacuation and crisis awareness protocols as disabled people and seniors are frequently left out of the plans. We need a solid evacuation plan for all residents in this building and it does not look likely that emergency vehicles could come in through the rear (4th street entrance) after this development goes into place. What is planned for this senior and disabled building in the event of a catastrophe, like an earthquake or fire? Or does San Jose not view that as a factor in their supervision?

4) Whatever lighting is put up must not interfere with residents living at 60 N 3rd Street (Town Park Towers).

Urban Catalyst had promised to bring revised plans to the residents of this building when they solicited feedback. No one has reached out to reply to my letter that I sent or to the promised engagement with residents.

I really fail to see this as an equitable project and rather it will contribute to making my apartment a toxic space like the MIRO towers did throughout the pandemic.



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